The Hypocrisy of boko haram Onslaught, and Yussuf’s Reward!

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February 26, 2014
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March 3, 2014

The Hypocrisy of boko haram Onslaught, and Yussuf’s Reward!

The Church of Jesus Christ in Nigeria, has severally persevered, in-spite of  the wanton destruction of her Faithfuls’ lives and properties, over the years, in some parts of Northern Nigeria, not because we are not strong enough to square up with the master minders of Religious Terrorism, but first, because The Lord and Saviour of mankind, Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God, admonished us to bear our Cross in the face of persecution; and also, for the sake of the peace and growth of our nation, Nigeria.


July 26, 2009:  The Late Yussuf and his co-terrorists, under the platform of Boko Haram, first struck in Maiduguri, Borno State Capital.  No fewer than 800 people, mostly hapless Christians, were sent to their early graves. The late Rev. George Orji, was among the innocent Nigerian Christians, martyrised because he refused Yussuf’s attempt to forcefully convert him to Islam.

The widows and children of all the other Martyrs have not only lost their loved ones, but equally, they lost their respective bread winners.  It was the effort of one of the leading lights of the Church in Nigeria, who relocated the late Pastor Orji’s wife down Southern Nigeria.  Till date, no government has prosecuted Yussuf’s living acolytes and neither has any compensation been given, for the losses, suffered by Rev. Orji’s family.


Pastors David Usman, (45) and Hamman Andrew of the COCIN, June 7, in Maiduguri; Pastor Solomon of Trinity Chapel,  May 10 in Bauchi; Around this same period, a Catholic Church was attacked in Maiduguri with blasts, killing about 10 people.  Pastor Michael Madugu, a medicine dispenser, Messrs Obinna and James were gunned down same day in the same neighbourhood.  On December 24,  2010, the terrorists visited Victory Baptist Church at Dala-Alamderi, killing Rev. Bulus Marwa (37), Paul Mathew, Philip Luka, Christopher Balam (a Lecturer in Borno State owned Polytechnic) and a Tea Hawker.  Also, COCIN Church was attacked in Ruwan Safi same period.

Jan. 20, 2011: Terror was unleashed on Deeper Life Bible Church.  The resident Pastor, an old woman and another young lady, totaling 3, were hacked to death; March 2011: Rev. Sabo Yakubu of COCIN Church, was killed in Bauchi;

Aug. 27, 2011: Mark Ojunta, an Evangelist with CAPRO, Maiduguri, was killed; Nov. 27, 2011: 8 Churches were burnt down with scores dead, in Damaturu, Yobe State, being the latest in the unchecked assault.

In all these accounts, no Moslem faithful was killed, nor any mosque attacked, in the various terror locations.


The government of Nigeria took steps to pacify the Boko Haram terrorists, (who claim to be on rampage, to revenge the killing of its leader, Yussuf) as follows:

The police was investigated! The Lemu Presidential Panel of Inquiry, recommended dialogue! The government took “The Police” to Court! And now, the Court has awarded N100million compensation to Yussuf’s family!

To the Body of Christ in Nigeria, this is very interesting, as we believe that what is good for Islam, is also good for Christianity in the spirit of the Secular status of the Federal Republic of Nigeria:

The late Yussuf, beheaded Rev. George Orji; Yussuf attacked and killed Nigerian Policemen. And his men are still as blood thirsty, as ever, killing and maiming innocent Nigerian Christians, including the bombing of the UN House in Abuja and killing of serving Youth Coppers, in Suleja this year.

We strongly look forward with earnest expectation, when our very “unbiased” government will in fairness, and equity, compensate Rev. Orji’s widow and all the families of the Martyrs.  We look forward to the arrest and prosecution of the Boko Haram and related terror masterminds.

No individual, Institution or Religion is superior to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  This is the sacred truth, which will nurture peace, among the Federating nationalities of Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria.
God bless the Church.


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