PFN is the umbrella Body which coordinates the activities of Pentecostal, Evangelical and Charismatic Ministries, Churches and Associations, for the purpose of unity as underlined by the prayer of the Lord Jesus in John 17.

PFN is an affiliate of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the group of PFN/CPFN.

Her motto is “We ought also to love one another – (1 John 4 : 11)”

To facilitate this, PFN operates at the National State, Local Govt. and Ward levels.

It organizes routine meetings, Holds Seminars and Lectures for Ministerial empowerment.

  • Organizes Crusades and Prayer rallies.
  • Organizes Press Conferences to address National issues which bother on the interest of the Church and the general well being of the nation.
  • She acts as Rallying platform to foreign Evangelists and Preachers, towards carrying out their Kingdom missions in Nigeria.
  • PFN, where necessary, rises to protest by peaceful demonstration, any act that is deemed to persecute the course of the preaching of the gospel in any part of Nigeria.
  • PFN rises to defend the gospel against any foreign government policies which run contrary to the tenets and promotion of the gospel and general world peace e.g. the Homosexual views of the Western nations and their stand on Anti Gay Law in the developing Countries

To harmonize these activities, the PFN organizes the following meetings and conferences.

  1. The National Biennial Conference which comprises the General Assembly, The National Advisory Council, The National Executive Council, and the General delegates representing the 36 States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Abuja the Federal Capital.
  2. The National Advisory Council meetings.
  3. The National Executive Council meetings.
  4. The General meetings.
  5. Other Emergency National and or State meetings.