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September 26, 2013
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February 26, 2014

And Yet Another Carnage!

Sunday the 21st February 2010, presented yet another opportunity for islamic zealots to visit terror  on the church in the North, this time in Kazaure a Local Government Council seat in Jigawa State. Like before, the latest terror is as unprovoked as the previous attacks, dating back to the ‘80s.

A tractor driver, MOHAMMED GAMBO (a moslem), refused a Police Traffic Officer’s instruction passed to him at a  junction. The officer himself,  by the name, HABU JAMILU also a moslem, is attached to the Kazaure Police Division, Traffic Section. Gambo’s refusal led to a scuffle which unfortunately, resulted in his death.

The resultant reprisal by the Kazaure Moslem youths was a direct and focussed attack on the Church in Kazaure, at which point all the 8 churches which had hitherto struggled to exist in the town were completely  destroyed. They include for the records, The Anglican Church, The Catholic Church, The Redeemed Christian Church of God,, Deeperlife Bible Church, Word of Faith, The Apostolic Church and 2 Assemblies of God Branches.

We ask: What  has the incident of disagreement between two muslims gotten to do with the Church? The incessant islamist’s terror on the Nigerian Church since the early 80’s is nomadic and premeditated. The end to it may not be in sight yet, due to the inability of successive governments (and up till now), at the State and Federal to sincerely stem the tide. But PFN, and on behalf of over 85 million Nigerian Christians, make bold to declare that the future of Nigeria more than anything else, depends largely on religious harmony that is engendered on freedom of worship as guaranteed by our constitution.

That unless the various governments  at the centre and states take up their respective responsibilities, at  promoting religious tolerance, harmony and peace, the Niger Delta imbroglio may be a child’s play, if the millions of Nigerian Christian youths will be pushed to the wall to defend their faith in Christ. Religion is therefore a more potent time bomb, which the current generation of political leaders should not dare.

Our reports gather that 12 suspects have already been nabbed in connection with the latest attacks. PFN and the entire Christian Community in Nigeria, will watch with Eagle eyes, the pertainments to the Police investigation and eventual prosecution of the suspects, in a competent Law Court. We demand this, unequivocally.

We are equally watching the attitude of the  Jigawa State government to the plight of the Church in Kazaure and the entire state in particular. In this regard,  the only acceptable thing is for His Excellency, the Governor of Jigawa and his Government, to please ensure a rebuild of all the destroyed Churches.

We have watched the swift reaction of the Government to the report of  Al Jazeeraa Cable Television’s alleged report on allegations of extra judicial killing levelled against the Police, in the Boko Haram version of 2008 terror in Maiduguri. Why is it that the same measure of governmentalresponsivenesss has not been deployed with dispatch in the numerous cases of Islamic fundamentalism which have been unleashed on the Church over the years despite the record killings and wanton destructions?

 Why are the people arrested in the 2008 Jos crises still being shielded from prosecution? How are we sure that the killer of the late Rev. Orji in the Boko Haram saga, is not freely walking the streets of Maiduguri with plans to wreck morehavocc on hapless christians?

We welcome the Federal Government’s position on the American government’s condition towards delisting Nigeria from the terror prone nations, by accepting to promulgate anti-terror laws. But when will this be put in place? And who will implementt it, going by the present skewed appointment in the hierarchiess of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcementt Agencies with glaring Islamic bias? Something very urgent has to be done in the interest of the corporate existence of Nigeria.

Our crusades for salvation cannot be mortgaged to any religious bigotry.

Freedom of worship in a secular Nigeria remains sacrosanct.




Signed by members of the National Advisory Council of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria


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