Aims and Objectives

Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria is a voluntary Fellowship of Pentecostal Christian Churches and other organisations, which believe in and practice the FULL GOSPEL MESSAGE (Acts Chapter 2), in an independent and autonomous Christian Fellowship, established for the following objectives:

  1. To promote and encourage the free propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Nigeria.
  2.  To co-operate with other organisations established for the promotion and practice of the Christian faith.
  3.  To uphold Christian ethics and integrity, and to foster the healthy development of Christian values, free from political, religious, racial or ethnic coloration, influence or interference.
  4.  To maintain close relationship and cooperation among member churches and organisations and other   approved Christian or religious organisations both in and outside Nigeria, for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  5.  To co-operate with governments and governmental bodies in matters concerning the propagation of Christianity, Christian values, religious tolerance, total freedom of worship and maintenance of peaceful co-existence amongst the various peoples and all strata of people in Nigeria and the world at large.
  6.  To educate the public on moral and ethical matters of national importance, thereby contributing to the development of a nation where probity, equity, good character, peace and good governance are guaranteed.
  7.  To guide and support their own fellowship on moral and ethical matters and to sustain a public example of probity, equity, good character, peace and good governance in their individual and collective affairs.
  8.  To establish and publicise Standards of Faith, Doctrines and Code of Ethics, to which members must adhere.
  9.  To serve as the mouthpiece for the Pentecostal Movement in Nigeria by reflecting sound and fundamental views based upon belief, truth and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
  10.  To ensure that the beliefs, views and values of the Fellowship on local, national and international issues are systematically and effectively articulated and disseminated.
  11.  To appoint representatives to the National Executive Committee of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).